Garou Densetsu - Fatal Fury 4 button controller (Magic controller?)

Started by mugo, December 23, 2018, 07:22:04 AM

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Hello folks!

I'm not sure if this is my first post here, but I'm definitelly a big lurker here, as I don't yet know these fantastic machines very well.

I recently (like 8 months ago) got me an ACE HD, went thru a long reparing period, and now it's working beautifully!

I still have some stuff pending, like building me a RaSCSI device to replace my 2GB internal HD, but for now I have a completely functional system, and need now to enjoy some quality fun time!

My last adition to the rig was a home made Arcade stick with 6 buttons to play some Street Fighter properly! The attached picture shows the outcome.

I still have some ideas to improve it's looks as well as to add some functionality (like rapid fire), but for now one thing is annoying me the most.

I didn't know that the multiplexing scheme for Street Fighter wasn't the only one for the system, but it seems like the Garou Densetsu series (aka Fatal Fury) uses a different circuit to enable all the buttons?

On Facebook a nice chap told me the Fatal Fury games came with a dedicated controller that supports all the buttons. So I'm here to shout out to the gurus of this community: do any of you guys have the schematics for this controller? Or, do anyone here actually have the controller and could provide some photos of it's board, so we can come up with the schematics to reproduce it?

I can't remember if it was on the HD image I've got from the FTP here, or if it was in a separate file somewhere else, but I have a patched version of Garou Densetsu 2 that do support Capcom's Street Fighter adapter, and works quite well! So that would also do! Do patches for the other games of the series exists?

Thank you all very much!



The Magical Pad uses the same multiplexing method as the CPSF-PC but it holds a couple of pins HIGH on one cycle to ID itself. IIRC only the Garou games support it officially but there are patches for those to add MD and CPSF-PC support. There are also similar patches to enable missing buttons in stuff like Gradius 2 and TwinBee. I don't have links handy right now, they're all on the FTP.


neko68k, thanks! You always come to the rescue on these difficult questions! :-)

So the Garou Densetsu patches for using the CPSF-PC as is are also available on the FTP? I'll take a closer look then, didn't find them before.

Best Regards.


I think I found some of them in Groundzero Organization and some in x68pub\x68data. There's a crapload of stuff on Dennou Club but I don't think I got any of this stuff in particular from that collection.