Staingate of pc9821 laptops, big grey cloud spots, ROT ?

Started by pro7, September 07, 2018, 08:30:35 AM

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... well sure that many people looking on YJA did see these laptops and avoided them.   i dont remember the exact term,  someone talked about it even on some american laptops too  said sometimes it was the plastic of screen protection peeling of, kind of ROT.   

the data is displayed, the games are running thru the grey spots, the pixels are still there,  the contrast doesnt help much,  the dark central areas have vanished

i had a correct pc9821 screen ,    i checked several auctions before getting one.  yesterday i just checked some gaming thing after few months of no-use, .   unplugged there is no trace.  but when connecting the clouds come..  it was stored horizontal, in a correct place, no humidity, no heat,  and the big vapor grey is there  :(

did someone had some of these ill screens & found a clue to solve things ?

kind of examples even unplugged sometimes !

very few comments can be seen like this


The polarizing plate attached to the surface of the liquid crystal screen deteriorates


I remember, many years ago, it was considered cool (by some people) to remove the polarizing panel and wear polarized eye glasses to reveal the image on the monitor.

This suggests that the polarizing panel may be removable, though that old glue is probably hard as concrete by now... Perhaps finding some new polarized laminate is possible, or replacing it with one from a better condition machine?


My 98 Note laptop has the same problem with the screen. Seems the previous owner tried to remove the top layer and quickly gave up, leaving a mess of scratches and making things worse. Luckily my machine has a external display out so even if the screen becomes completely useless then machine remains usable, but it would be nice to have a usable built in screen.

I tried very briefly to see how viable removal of the top layer would be, and I must say it is not very viable at all. It is stuck in tight.