Ys III/Wanderers from Ys - correct way to boot?

Started by LowDefAl, June 12, 2018, 07:58:27 PM

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After obtaining a replacement form my dead x68000, I've been testing the games I bought around the time it started having problems. All of them seem to work fine so far.

However YsIII is giving me some trouble and I want to check how I'm supposed to boot the game before determining if the discs are faulty.

How should I boot the game first time? As far as I can read, the reference card suggests putting the user disc in 0 and Data 1 in drive 1. However if I do this the system will seek drive 0, then move onto drive 1 and just sits there with the activity light a solid red. Nothing is shown on screen, no sound is playing and after several minutes nothing happens but the light is still solid red. if I put the Scenario or Data 1 discs in Drive 0, the system just ejects them.

Both drives work fine with other games. I understand this game doesn't like playing from backups so I'm really hoping I'm just doing something wrong.


You should put scenario in drive 0 and data 1 in drive 1 then boot. You can swap in user disk when you want to save your game, then you can use it going forward.


Thanks, that did the trick. I though I had tried that combination but obviously not.


No probs, though it is a cool game it sure was a bitch to get to the point of being able to actually play it proper. The soundtrack is amazing, some of the best on the X68000, so it was worth the effort.