Repair Wireless Saturn Dongle by MICRO

Started by thriftypickle, May 17, 2018, 09:46:18 PM

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Does user Micro frequent any other forum? The dude has been MIA for a long time now. I get that he is probably a busy dude. My Saturn dongle has been doa for a year and attempts to fix it have failed. Both of my controllers communicate with both of the dongles, but nothing happens on the Saturn. In his last communication he suggested that the wires be attached again. I did this several times with no change, until I ended up damaging traces. I'm not a guru like the rest of you folks, but I did repair it after that, again, and still get the same results. I'm wondering if the chip needs to be reprogrammed, or it's something I am not savvy enough to deal with. I'm more than happy to pay Micro for another one, OR if there is someone savvy enough to help me out, or knows how these work, maybe you can get us up and running again.

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The german forum is the place he is mainly (use google translate), but I haven't contacted him for some time. Borti I think has some communication with him, but both of them have been very good to me so I try not to bother them.

Bummer that you are having issues.. he did say that one day he would open up the designs, but I doubt it will be soon.