Upcoming Server Move

Started by NFG, March 12, 2018, 08:25:26 PM

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In the next few days I hope to move the forums, and the rest of the site, to a new server. 

This should result in a fairly noticeable speed boost, but it's also moving from Windows to Linux, and both Gamesx and NFGgames have been around a loooooong time.  There's a couple of decades of case-insensitive shit in here and I kind of think the 404s are gonna fly thick and heavy for a while.

Please bear with me, and let me know in this thread if you see anything 404 that should be 200.  ^_^


Well, if you've been trying to use the site for the last hour or so, you may have noticed the move is underway. 

The forum's up, that's the important part.  More fun to follow.  ^_^


Exactly 41 seconds after getting it running, I fucked it.  But I un-fucked it and it's running again!  Huzzah!

Let me know if you notice anything, ummm...  fucked.  <_<


OK, the forum works, the wiki's been hacked into something that resembles functional, and the gamesx.com front page has been fixed.  Next up, the directory listings for the X68000 (and related) archives.


There's been some changes to the wiki.  Now that the new server's running, a lot of errors that were previously hidden have cropped up, so I've had to disable a few plugins.  Mostly it was stuff rarely used, but some pages may have leftover, weird [tags] here and there.  Not much to be done, these plugins were 13 years out of date.  ^_^ 


So, how about that downtime last night, eh? 

My humblest apologies.  A browser caching issue threw me for a loop and I thought I'd fixed it and went to bed and hey, it wasn't fixed. 

So, the forum works, the wiki works, the main page works (as of about 30 seconds ago).  I'm just sitting here, poring over the logfiles, and looking for shit that's been broken for anything up to twenty years (gamesx is oooooooold) and fixing shit as I find it.

If you see stuff broken, let me know!


Some of you may have noticed the email facilities were broken.  That's been fixed.  Thanks to ATP for tracking me down on Twitter to let me know.  ^_^