Given Non-working good condition PC-98 Laptop computer! for free! with AC adptor

Started by aarkay14, November 18, 2017, 09:44:47 PM

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Hi All

giving away a 'non-turning-on' PC-98 laptop computer with a CD ROM drive and AC adaptor! The system is in very good shape but does not turn on.. I dont know why! People can open it up and maybe repair things or pick parts! It is really heavy but in a very good shape! Maybe some internal cleaning etc can start it up or something. I have never disassembled it. I guess its a 13 inch display!

Asking = Shipping from Japan.


Giving away because I don't wanna spend time restoring it!



I believe it is this one:

From the specs it seems that it is not a bad model. Something akin to the post Ce2 PC9821 PC's, with fast CPU's but slightly incompatible sound and graphics so some games will not work right.

I have a NX C7 myself, I would get this to repair the screen on mine, but currently I am super broke.


Hi aarkay14, I'd like to take you up on this offer. Sending you a PM.
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