X68000 Soft Power and systeme boot issues [solved]

Started by gojirien, November 11, 2017, 09:49:55 AM

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Just to share my recent experience, I've just "repaired" my first X68000, which had the following symptoms :

#1 Soft power ON/OFF switch not working,

#2 Black screen or system telling me on screen "I did not raise the system, Reset please !" or something like that in japanese.

So if you have the same issues, before going into advanced repair you could try :

- Complete PSU revision (soft power ON came back OK for me)

- IO Board connections cleaning (I used Ordinet KF1047) and IO Board riser reseating (Soft power OFF came back OK for me). The riser seems to be really sensible and reseating had to be precise for me !

- Disconnect the SCSI external connector from the rest of the X68000 (no more symptom #2 for me)