[SOLD All]x68000 CZ-611C-BK parts for sale!

Started by aarkay14, June 25, 2017, 05:21:20 PM

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Up for sale SOLDmultiple parts from a CZ-611C-BK computer in good condition. You can try to use them to replace your broken / defective parts for your x68000. Selling for [arts as was not able to complete the Restoration process for this machine due to leaked battery in the bottom board. List of parts and asking price as below:

1. 5.25 inch Floppy drive units with protection pads: These are in very good condition, does need some greasing but should work splendidly after that. They come with the floppy protection cardboard in them so I believe were kept with great care, a very nice replacement for a damaged/ unreliable floppy unit.

Asking = 30USD + Shipping from Japan.

2. Main System board = In good condition, should work / can be salvaged for parts, I was unable to open the steel chassis on this one so the insides are untouched.

Asking = 10USD + Shipping from Japan

3. RGB Video module = In good condition, should work but one should replace the caps before trying = x68000 RGB module with RGB Pots.

Asking= 15USD + Shipping from Japan

4. SHARP X68000 Chassis = In good condition, needs a few sessions of spray paint or better 'Carbon Fiber' wrapping on the sides to make it look awesome!: Will work perfectly with your x68000 which has broken plastic and does not look aesthetically good. There are areas with scratches but no broken parts, please judge the same from the pictures. The chassis will include the bottom board and speakers and other parts which you need like screws and expansion bay chassis. There might be a little dust here and there but its nothing big and can be cleaned up.Pictures:

Asking = 25USD + Shipping from Japan.
Please judge all the condition from the pictures, please PM me for any more information.


Are those floppy drives compatible with the original model?


No, the original uses different connectors.