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Castlevania Hack

Started by llioncourt, May 11, 2017, 01:01:25 PM

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Have anyone ever heard of someone trying to hack PS1 Castlevania Chronicles logo to the X68000 version? It would be cool to see the western logo on this masterpiece.


It may not be too hard. It may be very hard ;D I'll think about it but I won't commit to anything right now. Mainly because Konami was known for doing things out of the ordinary on the PS1.

This all seems vaguely familiar. Like I've been inside this data before... There are definitely readable images in there though. Who knows about palettes but they're probably around. I'll keep it in mind and maybe when I have a moment I'll dig it all up.

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we're in luck. they are headered 8-bit TIM's. I'll get back to you...

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not gonna happen. everything on the X68 version is compressed. The disassembly is basically unreadable, contains no strings at all (at least they're not ASCII or Shift-JIS), has large blocks of data mixed in with code(that might be code... or strings, or anything). I couldn't even guess what's happening... I couldn't get it to run with the debugger attached either, which would be very helpful. One of these days maybe I'll write an IDA loader for X files. That day is not today.


Thanks for the effort, It was a wishful thinking... Who knows..."The night is still young"


Sure. It's not impossible I'm just not interested in the amount of work involved. Maybe someone else can pick it up.