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Started by urnhurrell, April 18, 2017, 12:01:24 PM

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So, this game got me into the X68000. I would have never known about my favorite gaming system of all-time if it were not for my 2nd favorite system (SNES) housing this "shitty" game. A lot of people shit on this game, but I grew up with it on the SNES and was so fascinated by it. It's an Ys rip-off, but a good one. What makes Ys great? The gameplay, the soundtrack (JDK!!!!!!), and the story. I love action RPGs. Traditional action RPGs have always been so good to me. The soundtrack is one of my favorites of all-time - even beating JDK's amazing music in many cases for me. The story has always been something I've loved from the beginning. Cliche? Maybe the English version on the SNES. Lazy writing? Definitely on the US SNES one. Something about the game was still always so lovable to me. I eventually found out that there was an earlier build of the game that came out on a machine that I'd never heard of. It was a year older and had better graphics and had more story. It blew my mind and I've been letting the X68000 keep surprising me ever since as I continue to dive more and more into what it has to offer.

Play this at all? Do you agree with the majority, or are you with me?


I honestly didn't like Lagoon when I first played it back in the day on SNES. I thought the gameplay was slow, clunky and the sword was too short! But after a few of my online friends enjoyed it, I went back to give it a fair shot and enjoyed it. After recently getting my X68000 working I picked up an original Lagoon box set and disks and attempted to start playing. The Music was indeed fantastic, but unfortunately I couldn't get very far because I couldn't quite figure out how to either create or use a Userdisk for saving. I tried writing a userdisk, but it was to no avail. If anyone understand the process better or knows how to get the game to work fine off the community harddrive image, that would be fantastic!

I also wanted to point out this post over at At least at one point there was an interested translator for a future Lagoon romhacking project. I suppose they are just missing a hacker / programmer.

If such a project were to get started, I'd surely be up for assisting with any needed graphic edits.



Thanks for the reply ha I'm glad there's more interest to a translation than just me


Thought I'd 'bump' this thread for those who are not aware that the English translation was released on 9th June 2019.

It's fantastic and enabled me to complete the game this week!



Is HD installation possibel ?


I don't think Lagoon is HD installable unfortunately.

I just wrote the images to disk and found the game very enjoyable!

I'm hoping that more games like this will be translated to English...


I am trying to enjoy the translation but I am completely stuck at the first boss...what in the heck am I doing wrong? I've highlighted the "Exorcist Blade" in the Item selection screen but no matter what direction or strategy I take I can't inflict any damage. No doubt I'm missing something very basic but I just don't see it. Help?