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32X on a Laseractive

Started by Guest_Segasonicfan, May 25, 2004, 06:50:10 AM

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Hey guys,

 Recently I have come across 2 very cheap laseractive units and this has given me the ability to experiment with one.  I connected a 32X and watched what happened....everything works minus the Genesis -> 32X connection.  Thats what I need to make.  I tried soldering directly from a Genesis 2 (to test what wires make the connection work) and I tried soldering wires connecting composite video, audio left and audio right.  As one would guess, the audio is up and running.  However, the  picture only worked (and not very well) when I connected the Genesis 2 composite to the 32X blue.  Does anyone think that the blue, red, sync, etc. lines must be connected to the 32X from the genesis?  or am I missing a 5V connection somewhere?  If it does need ALL the inputs, will it be possible to do this from a laseractive (by possibly using the RGB mod here on gamesx)?  Any tips or info (or opinoins) would be helpful.  Thanks!!



The RGB lines are used to connect the Genesis to the 32X, so yeah, they must be connected.


since you've opened up the laseractive before---do you know if i can connect the RGB lines?  I dunno if the Sega pack has RGB though...