General guidelines for the buy/sell/trade forum

Started by kendrick, November 19, 2016, 03:40:16 AM

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Hi everybody. As promised, Lawrence has created a buy/sell/trade forum for the use of GamesX users. Here are a couple of things everybody needs to know:

* All sales are conducted user-to-user and are not warranted, guaranteed or serviced by me, Lawrence, any of the administrative staff or anybody else involved in the maintenance and upkeep of the site. All buying and selling is done at your own risk.
* Related to that topic, GamesX does not provide escrow, proxy or any form of payment processing or service to exchange money. You have to figure out how to pay, and how to get paid, on your own and we're not helping you.
* You can use the forum to advertise if you have something you want to sell, or if you want to ask to buy something that you're looking for. However, forum posts should be used for correspondence that would be of interest to the whole group, like clarifying a description. Once you get to the point where you're negotiating the specifics of a sale, that needs to be done by private message or e-mail.
* In general, I won't have a problem if you want to point users to an external auction site or commerce system. However, I still frown on posts that have only a URL in them and no description of what's at the page after you click there. Unadorned web links will be deleted without warning or explanation.
* I don't care about sniping, oneupsmanship or competitive practices. If you post you're selling a Megadrive adapter for $30, and some other user immediately posts the same item for $25, that's tough for you.
* I do care about personal attacks and unnecessary complaints. If you have questions about the quality or the reliability of a product or a seller, communicate them privately to the appropriate admin. Don't go insulting people in their selling or buying threads.
* Be thorough in your post, and don't assume anybody has read anything you've posted for sale before. Include information about where the item in question is originating and where you're willing to ship. Include information about the payment types you accept. And for items where it matters, be specific about the region and the edition.

All other forum and moderation rules still apply. Please come to me or to Lawrence if you have any questions or if you have a problem that needs to be resolved related to buying, selling, or trading.