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it fake or real?

Started by r3ach5stars, November 18, 2016, 06:27:44 AM

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first of all i must say im not native speaker of english so sorry for grammal keep in mind it not on purpose whatever fail grammar happen

i need help of catridge of snes im tring to buy but i cant see it fake or real

can you help me can go here?

the tag it correct the screw are corrects but there something suspicious if you see the tag it in very good state almost like you buyng new so.... im not saying there are tag in bad state original but it strange found original catridge whit very good tag...

the other thing suspicius are the logo nintendo if you se right it a LITTLE green when original must be more gold....

but the most suspicius it the backward part if you see everthing it right except it you look the table

compare front backward if you see the seller change table on backward it a marble table and on front it not marble table...

WHY DO THAT??? unless you have TOOK other catridge original and take backward side OF OTHE CATRIDGE most of person when take picture of snes they do so quickly on second turn backward and take picture on same table.....

why he take the time to change table between backward and front side of catridge??

but the most suspicius it the price

110 are to cheap for something so desired... it must be at least 165 or 200 to more....

wha you think?? buy it or not buy it??


There is no way to definitely determine whether a cart is real or not unless you look at the PCB inside the plastic shell.

Ask the seller to provide such picture if you want to be sure.