Request: 2hdsim/drive howto for dummies

Started by corpsicle, November 07, 2016, 03:25:50 AM

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Ive checked the "how to install games on hdd" wiki article and the description of the 2hdsim and drive funtionality makes no sense to me at all.
Im trying to get the mini image to work off c: (i have three partitions)


From my personal experience, the system is only able to read 2 partitions per device without using additional software/drivers.  Meaning you can have a 3rd partition on a single drive, but only 2 of them can be active at the same time.  If you have 3 enabled partitions on the same drive the system will not boot.  However you can swap in and swap out (enable/disable) partitions in format.x when you need to use them.

But if you want something less annoying you need a 2nd drive, then LHES or SUSIE will be able to mount the new drive as C:

Or just copy the games you want out of the Mini into your main image.


Thats what im doing. =)
I have 2 partitions on my internal Aztecmonster.
And just got a external scsi-drive with another partition on, where i put the mini image.

I got Sim City to work yesterday though.

I just set the drive commands to available driveletters.

drive a: d:
drive a: e:

(or something like that, i got a:, b: and c: as partition letters)

But i cant get Battle Chess to work using the same method.
It starts the game (goes to black screen) but then tells me "seek error".
Asuka 120% only goes to black screen then nothng happens.


2HDSIM is a floppy drive emulator.Assuming A: is the HDD ,you need to reassign the drive letters (using DRIVE.X) so that  A: and B: are the virtual FDD mapped to 0 and 1 and C: become the HDD.All the installations made on HDD images that use 2HDSIM method must rely on this order.
So, if you hard disk is already mapped to C: and A: is drive 1 and B is 0 you have to reassign only the virtual FDDs with this command:

drive a: b:

If A: is drive 0 and B is 1, you have to delete the drive reassigmement in all !START.BAT of installations.


Could you tell me exactly what to put in if i have:

a: as first hdd partition
b: as second hdd partition
c: as third hdd partition

Thanks a lot ^_^


Since 2HDsim is a FDD simulator, the most important thing is to know how the two drives 0 and 1 are mapped in your system.i guess they are D: and E: but just to be sure run a DRIVE command  and report output here.


a: harddisk unit 0
b: harddisk unit 1
c: harddisk unit 0 (external)
d: 2hd unit 0
e: 2hd unit 1
f: virtual drive
Z: Virtual Drive

Looks like 2hdsim is resident somehow?


All HDD installs made by me and other imply that A: and B: must be drive 0 and 1 respectively.
You can also adapt the !START.BAT files to your assignement but it would be an annoying job.
So, using the DRIVE.X command you have to reassign drives so that:

A: 2hd unit 0
B: 2hd unit 1

Are all the games folders in C: partition?Are you working from this partition?
So, run the commands:


and check if 0 and 1 have been switched to A: and B:

2HDSIM is in all game folders that use it but it can be also put in a folder included in the PATH command of the AUTOEXEC.BAT.Anyway, leave it in the games folders.


I have the v4 image (+ selected bits of baller) on my internal a:, neko's mdx image on my internal b:, and the mini image on external c:.

Ill try with your new info right away. =)


It works!
I thought i had to reassign the floppy device letters, but i just had to move the hdd's out of the way. :)
Thanks a lot Caius!


Quote from: corpsicle on November 09, 2016, 05:32:07 AM
It works!

Really??? ;D

I thought i had to reassign the floppy device letters, but i just had to move the hdd's out of the way. :)

It was obvious  :)

QuoteThanks a lot Caius!

You are welcome.