X68000 Hardware Survey

Started by neko68k, October 03, 2016, 07:52:07 AM

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I am curious what is out there so I put together a simple survey. Please only fill it out one time. I'll let this run for a week or two and share results with everyone.




I couldn't remember everything. You could put it in other. 

I suspect that you did. That's a lot of modules.


Bit late to the party, but completed the survey in any case


also bit late to ze party... but wow, there's 3 of you who have a redzone! really cool. It would for me be the ultimate x68k.


Just so ya know, and we may have discussed this on IRC already, but any XVI or Compact can easily be overclocked and become a "red zone".


Quote from: neko68k on February 14, 2017, 01:14:27 PM
Just so ya know, and we may have discussed this on IRC already, but any XVI or Compact can easily be overclocked and become a "red zone".
oh, is that just the difference?!


From 16 to 24MHz. It's a pretty good boost.


Yeah, but what are the actual benefits for games? Most retail games run fine on stock 10mhz. Mostly doujin games benefit, and I don't play much of those so I never saw the need for more speed, personally.


Depends on what you want to play.  Star Wars, Geograph Seal, Super Street Fighter 2, Mahou Daisakusen are pretty much unplayable at 10mhz imo.  But all are solid games at 16.

24khz would make Geograph and Mahou even better, but they run well enough at 16 for my tastes.  Mahou really requires an 030 if you want to play with full-animation turned on.

A lot of games are simply smoother on 16 over 10.   Play Thunder Blade at 16, and you will never want to play it at 10 again.

There are also other benefits to 16.  Nemesis '90 Kai will use a more advanced sound driver if you are running at 16mhz and have 4mbs of RAM.  The driver allows more software mixing to simulate more sound channels.  At 10, it loads a simpler driver.

Out of the box, Dragon Spirit only runs at 10, but there was a fanpatch to make it run at 16.  The 3D patch actually includes this already, and it really needs the 16mhz.  Stage 3 at 10 gets some jerky motions which break the sync with the glasses, killing the effect for a second or so, but run it at 16, and it's a lot more playable.

Overall, if you are used to having 16mhz, you won't want to go back.  But if you only have 10, you can still play most games and have a great time. 

These days, since most people are paying a LOT of money to import these from Japan, I think most people are willing to spend a bit more and get a later unit.  The XVI is overall the best single unit to own.  It's the right performance for what it costs to acquire.  SCSI>>>>>SASI, and if you are going to spend $500 to import a Super, you may as well go all in and go for the XVI.


There is a huge price jump from a Super to an XVI though. Anyway, I get to have the best of all worlds since I have a Compact, and a few ACE and OG models, mostly for aethetics and the novelty of being able to play the actual game floppies.

The high requirement games don't really fall in my taste though.


I filled out the survey as well. Thanks for putting it together.



Very well put-together survey. I filled this out as well   8)



That many people have 12 MB?!


Apparently. Though the responses cover mostly the Western scene there are a fair number of Japanese owners in there that own combinations of things that would melt anyone's wallet :D Personally I'm a little more surprised at how many CPU accelerators and overclocks are in the wild.


Quote from: scanline on May 14, 2017, 06:22:33 AM
That many people have 12 MB?!

Not surprising really.  These days it's all about the CF/SD boards.  And why bother spending $100 on a 4mb board when you can spend a bit more and get an XsimmX?


Just completed the survey, sorry for the loooong delay   :)

I have to 2 most common models:

Ace HD


hell, I'd damn near forgotten about this :D thanks for the additions