Does strider have a way to enable midi?

Started by cometclean, August 30, 2016, 09:25:05 AM

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I'm trying to find info for enabling midi on strider but I've not had much luck.


Why don't you read the manual?  ;)

Strider = No MIDI
Final Fight = LA
SF2', SSF2, Daimakaimura = GM


I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not? I actually have the manual but my Japanese reading skills are limited to pictures :p thanks for the specifics on the other capcom games btw. I actually played final fight earlier with my 88 in in cm-64 mode and it sounded okay. Nothing was super weird. I've definitely run into a few games that don't sound sound quite right though so I'm thinking about getting a mt-32 as well.
Thanks for the info!


Sarcasm as I assumed you had no manual, but anyway if the manual doesn't say "MIDI" in it, the game won't support it.  Except for a few games that were unofficially patched by fans such as Space Harrier.

Regarding Final Fight, it is 100% pure stock MT-32.  Meaning everything it does can be understood by the 88.  What the 88 can't understand is MT-32 SysEx (System Exclusive) Messages that reprogram the module to make new sounds. 

The LA modules like MT-32 are real synths, meaning a user can make new sounds via programming.  While the Sound Canvas line (55,88) are really just a set of high-quality samples stored in a ROM chip.  They can be edited and effects added, but you can't really create new sounds on the hardware level like on the LA modules.

For example, you turn on the MIDI in Final Fight, you will notice it switches very quickly without delay.  But, running Castlevania in LA mode, it takes a while to boot, as it actually is reprogramming the module, and this takes some time to transfer all the SysEx data.  The 88 can't understand the custom stuff and just ignores it though.


Is there an up to date list of all games supporting Midi,
including how to enable it and which unit the music was composed for (i.e. GM, GS, MT32, CM64, XG etc)

When I return to my X68000 (sometimes after a few months) I forget which games support midi and how to enable it, it would be great to have a reference to refer to...