Arkanoid, how to change input device

Started by corpsicle, July 26, 2016, 01:22:51 AM

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So i finally got a mouse.
It works in the menu so i choose the controller config.
Once in that menu the only thing i can seem to do is press esc to go out again.
I tried keyboard, mouse and joypad, nothing does anything.

Anyone know how to switch the on/off så witches for the controller options?


For future reference, its numpad 8 and 2 to go up and down the list, and 4 and 6 to change on/off.
This would have been much easier for me to find if i hadnt mapped all the weirdo keys on x68k to the numpad of my ps2-keyboard. :)

Also, it doesnt help if you remap the keys in the game, its still numpad keys in that menu.