Booting to command Prompt for Switch.x Help

Started by Demetris74, July 07, 2016, 10:49:34 PM

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Hi Guys

I am new to the forum, want to say hello,

Wanted to adjust my X68000 memory with switch.x.  I have made images of Human68k all version and non of them boots in command prompt.
Problem is that i dont have a mouse to run it with in the windows interface. Anyone have an image to send me that boots directly to Dos in order to Run the Switch.x?

Or can guide me how to do it?


Human68K operating system normally boots directly to a prompt where you can run the switch.x utility.If your disk didn't, there must be some trouble (I think with your FDD or disk itself)


Some older versions of Human68K actually autoboot into a simple gui shell that uses the mouse.  You can change this of course if you edit the startup files though.  Original Gradius floppies also boot into the shell.



Run Daruis Brake to command prompt and use human68k on drive b: and successfully run Switch.x now adjusted my memory to 7mb

thanks a lot