SNES controller button rewiring question

Started by cleartonic, June 05, 2016, 03:45:46 AM

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Hi - I have a task I'd live to achieve that is simple in theory but probably more complex to achieve. I have a SNES controller - all I want to do is remap the A and Y buttons. That is, when I press the Y button on the physical controller, it'll tell the system to press A, and vice versa.

I do not know much about wiring, but I am willing to learn whatever is necessary based off of guides and online help resources. However, I don't know how to initially approach the problem. Can someone help? Thank you!!


It's a pretty simple operation, you'll need to know how to solder though. 

Inside your SNES pad, every button has two traces: one common ground (which connects to every button) and one return line that runs back to the chip.  Locate the A and Y buttons and see for yourself.  To reverse them, simply cut the two unique traces running back to the chip (not ground) and solder two new wires from the trace to the chip, swapping the two lines you need.  You can do this swap anywhere it's convenient. 

To solder to the PCB, you'll need to scratch off the green stuff covering the metal traces.  I use a super-small flat screwdriver, or an x-acto knife.  Choose the widest bit of metal, because skinny bits are harder to solder onto.  And don't put anything under the rubber button membranes, they won't work well with anything under them.

Good luck.