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Started by gojirien, May 06, 2016, 04:21:42 PM

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Hey everyone,

Think it would be good to share here my famicom/fds/nes system, that includes :

- nes cartridge support,
- famicom cartridge and famicom disk system support,
- RGB video output.

To do so I took :

- a NTSC nes console, with region lock ship disabled,
- a 60 to 72 pins cartridge converter, I found mine in US version of Gyromite in 2011, but today Krizz adapter do the job perfectly^^,
- a PPU RGB video processor, took from a nintendo playchoice 10 arcade system (back to 2011 ; now I replaced the PPU with EvilTim NesRGB kit).

Some US Gyromite cartridge hide some very interesting stuff.

Once opened, the cartridge reveals the famicom pcb of Gyromite, plugged into a 60 to 72 pins converter :

That 60 to 72 pins converter can be used with every famicom game :

I decided to add that converter to my nes, in order to make it as an hybrid that can play both famicom and nes games.

I soldered the converter to the nes motherboard, precisely on the 72 pins egde. The easiest way to do that is to solder all signals on the component side of the motherboard :

Next, the famicom connector needs to be fasten :

Once reassembled, "FamiNes" is ready and working :

And finally adding a dust cover :