PC-98 and MSX - Japanese Retro Computers Exhibit - VCFSE 4.0 in Atlanta

Started by SkyeWelse, April 19, 2016, 02:36:06 AM

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Hi Everyone,

A few weeks have passed since this event, but sometimes a friend and I do MSX Exhibits as part of the Atlanta Historical Computer Society's Vintage Computer Fair Southeast event. We've done 3 exhibits so far with this last year just being my stuff since my buddy couldn't make it. This year I did something a little different in that rather than just bring MSX computers, I also exhibited two PC-98 models, the PC-9821 Ce2 model and the PC-98DO. I had it setup for anyone who had questions to ask about them to be able to explore and see what these computers were capable of and even had some folks play some Flame Zapper Kotsujin. I was also demoing my friend Noyemi KarlaitÄ—'s chiptunes that she composes for the YM2203 and YM2608 and handing out free CD-Keys to one of her bandcamp albums for her upcoming PC-98 style RPG called Hell Diary. If you are interested in more of her stuff, you can visit her website at delmunsoft.com.

The MSX machines I brought were the Panasonic FS-A1 GT Turbo R and a 1-Chip MSX clone developed in Korea back in 2013 called a Zemmix Neo Lite.

Here's some photos and a video of the exhibit.

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVZ5I-wdSJg



Very cool! I wish this event existed when I lived in Montgomery, AL. I would have made the drive and contributed.
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You would have been a welcome addition to the event, Rob. As I understand it, you also do some events like this in Texas? If it works out with our schedules for my friends and I, perhaps I could take a road trip over there one year for just such an event.



That is really, really impressive looking. Especially the software.

Me and some friends are planning a similar exhibit at the recently-revived VCF West.


Thanks! And that's awesome that you are planning a similar event at VCF West. If I had the funds, I'd fly out there to see it. Please take pictures!