Using the TS-6BS1 mkIII

Started by famiac, March 12, 2016, 07:39:24 AM

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Got this interesting board. Seems like RAM+SCSI port

I believe this website says the pinout is unknown

It looks like the connector on the x68k compact, but i tried to boot from hdd and i couldn't get anything.
It freezes up if i try to boot with my hdd connected.
If i try to connect my drive after booting and run susie.x, the program doesn't find anything.
My drive id is currently set to 3 (scsi2sd). I get no change in behavior if i set it to ID 0 (or so i think)

This thread has info about DIP switches

Here are some photos of the board:

full size:

I tried db.x as shown in this thread but i'm not sure i'm doing it right

Anybody got any idea of how to get scsi working?