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Started by scafjr, January 09, 2016, 02:12:28 PM

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I have much interest in the RGB mods displayed in the wiki but i am also a newbie.
the question is: my monitors only have a DB-15 input and the pinout displayed are for a DB-9 standard. It is possible to make this mods to fit in my DB-15 monitors? do anyone have an pinout schemes of this mods to DB-15 connections?

Thanks a lot!

PS: sorry for my bad english... it is not my native language :/


I'm pretty sure this is detailed somewhere already, but the connector is not important.  It's the signals that matter.

If you're using a monitor with a DB15, it's probably a VGA monitor, and it's very unusual for a VGA monitor to use 15kHz signals, which is what most consoles use.  Don't worry about the connector, first make sure the two units are even compatible.  It would help if you told us what console and what monitor you're using.


Thanks Lawrence, i´ll try to explain it better

I wish to make an adaptor for a Sega Saturn, like displayed here :

And an adaptor for a Sony Playstation:

i wish to connect this consoles displaying RGB ia a LED TV (LG 42LE5300)


Well you're screwed already.  That TV doesn't support 15kHz via the RGB port.


 :'( :'( :'( :'(

thanks for the help, Lawrence

by the way, it is possible to mod these systems to display YPbCB/YPrCr?


As a rule, no.  You can convert the RGB to component using additional gear, but you may still run into the problem where modern TVs expect interlaced video on the component input, and will freak out when you feed them the 240p that comes out of consoles.


i got it

i will need an old monitor that supports 15khz or an upscaler and that freak scart cable anyways...

Thanks for the help, man!