Question about best method to record snes/n64 composite cable gameplaly?

Started by fudgecakes99, November 26, 2015, 05:12:49 AM

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I'm not entirely sure if this question fits under this topic but i'll ask anyway. So i've been thinking of recording some snes gameplay off of my composite systems. I'm wondering what the best method would be to go about recording it. Closest to a 1:1 ratio capture 60 fps etc.


You'd be hard pressed finding a 60fps capture card, last time I checked (which, granted, was a long time ago).  Most of the ones back in the day would capture 30fps and blend alternating frames together, which was massively frustrating.

And I don't know what you mean by 1:1 recording.  Composite video doesn't recognize 'pixels' as such, you get a horizontal line where the brightness changes, and a colour overlay, where the colours vary in width a little bit.  You'll get a 4:3 image which is normal TV ratio, but the pixels coming out of the SNES are almost 4:4 (256 x 240).  It's a 25% difference in width, pixels vs screensize.


I meant 1:1 as in 60 fps pixel rate etc. Not screen size. I know it'll default to 4:3, you can't really get 16:9 unless you do solder some mod chips. Though would that really be 16:9 or just an upscaled 4:3 i digress.

Yeah they still don't have 60 fps cards out? Damn, so what the best solution would be to run some sort of scart mod to hdmi? Also wondering what your opinion on the framemesiter is?


I have no idea if they do NOW, as I say it's been a while since I looked into it.  I think your biggest problem is aiming for composite input.  No one who uses composite expects quality.  ;)

I'd consider upscaling your image first and using a component or RGB or DVI input card, depending on your upscaler.  The framemeister is nice but has some lag issues you'll want to investigate (Possibly not important for recording).  There's lots of talk about it on these forums I think.


Fudgecakes, the SNES supports S-Video and RGB from the Multi AV Out without the need for mods, all early dark grey N64 systems do at least offer S-Video. Using cables equipped with the correct components depending on your region (see the Wiki), you can get a signal out of your consoles to capture that is visibly better than composite. Beware eBay sellers, most of their S-Video and RGB cables are either junk or built for NTSC only, keep your eye on those sellers that advertise them specifically for a certain region and console. Or build your own.