Micomsoft's Plans For 2015?

Started by zedrein, January 24, 2015, 10:07:11 AM

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At just over $300, the Micomsoft's latest up-scaler for retro consoles has never been any less expensive AFAIK...Considering this fact, does anyone on this forum have inside information on what Micomsoft plans for 2015? Will they opt to ride out the success of the mini? Wil they update it with more inputs and faster processing speeds? Will they develop and release a new model altogether? Share your insights or theories, please!


I know this topic is old, but my thoughts are as follows:  decreasing the time to switch between interlace and progressive should be a higher priority.  Even with the newest firmware, the switches may still not be fast enough for some games (Silent Hill 1, Killer Instinct Gold, RE2 N64 with Expansion Pak).

I also think for systems that may only at best put out s-video or composite (even with mods), to put in a 3D comb filter and "deinterlacing" for that input.  Also, additional scanline options wouldn't hurt.  Mostly due to how the current settings on the Mini may not look ok in 1080p output.