Awesome stuff Pity dont Know japanesse.

Started by emerald danjon, January 23, 2015, 12:46:55 PM

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emerald danjon

Hello all.
i find this page:

all is in Japanese,
i just can read i don't understand nothing ::),
but looks like cool stuff here,maybe you guys know this site but i want ask about some Photos...,
what kind of "Street Fighter"...or "KOF" is the One vs One Game appears running in the Photo 17?.

and how this adapter for PS2 mouse appears in the photo number 15?,
is really small...,cant have Microchips inside...┬┐is easy to build?,
and what a monster of X68000 have this Guy xD,
thank you and have a nice day!.


The fighting game is SFXVI.  It's like MUGEN.

emerald danjon


Wow.. this guy REALLY adores his XVI.. :-o

emerald danjon

Sure he adores his X68000,but i have one XVI and with years i can see how the plastics change the color...,like in the Super famicoms,for some reasons the plastics turn Yellowed,
and in my case i use Stickers for Hide some ugly things...xD,
maybe with his X68000 happens this.
or maybe you talk about the upgrades...,lucky guy lives in Japan.
anyway is a stunning computer.