Would Using a XRGB-mini With My Original Nintendo Wii Be Worth My Time?

Started by zedrein, December 17, 2014, 09:32:29 AM

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Perhaps a more apt title would have been "...Worth My Hard-Earned Money?" ;) I own many Virtual Console games on my original Nintendo Wii and have no desire to purchase a Wii U so I can play all the classics in 1080p. My understanding is that the Wii will display many NES, Super NES, Sega Master System, and Genesis (Megadrive) games in their original non-interlaced "240p" resolution over analogue component (Y Pb Pr) video. My current logic is that the original Wii will inherently pump out sharper, more colorful video than any of the aforementioned hardware ever could and the Wiimote and Classic Controller Pro are superb controllers, therefore if I couple this all-in-one emulation system with a XRGB-mini I will soon be living in retro gaming bliss, right? I'm asking all of you if you believe it'd be worth my $ to get this heralded unit for use with my LCD computer monitor (no HDMI input, so I would have to buy a HDMI to VGA transcoder)...