C15MNTC1 monitor connector wire question

Started by FredJ, December 16, 2014, 03:02:42 AM

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I could use some help correcting a problem.  We have a store display Super Nintendo model M80C p/n 22801 with Zenith monitor C15MNTC1 1991 vintage.  In moving, we accidentally pulled the 5 wires out of the DB9 connector on monitor.  They go on pins 1,3,4,5,8.  My wire colors are: Black,  White, Red, Green, and a bare wire.  These wire colors are different than what I have seen in other posted messages. 

Any advice would surely be appreciated.

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 Hi FredJ !

I could not find info on your monitor, but found a service manual for other Zenith monitor. Here are the pinouts, assuming that they all share the same DB9 connector with identical pinouts:

QuotePin   Signal
==   =====
1   Ground
2   Reserved
3   Red
4   Green
5   Blue
6   Intensity
7   Reserved
8   H sync
9   V sync

ZENITH-ZVM-1380 Service Manual

QuoteThey go on pins 1,3,4,5,8.

That would be Ground, Red, Green, Blue and H sync.

Nintendo SNES Video pinout

NTSC Super Nintendo to SCART cable

You could try connecting them together the following way:

1          3          Red
2          4          Green
4          5          Blue
5,6       1          Ground
9          8          Sync

Best of luck and keep us posted.

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Thank you for the reply Eidis.   I'm thinking the wire that looks black to me cold actually be dark blue.  So, my bare ground wire on pin 1; red, green, blue, n pins 3,4,5.  Then both vert and horizontal sync must come in on the white wire to pin 8.  I will try this week end and keep you posted. 

Thanks again for the help.


Ok, so I finally got back to this project.  Connected the DB9 as described (with black wire being blue) and all is working good.  Many thanks for the help!

best Regards,