Need help with ... simple stuff i guess :)

Started by k.h., November 20, 2014, 07:11:07 AM

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How to format a blank floppy in a real x68000 ? And how to copy from drive a to b ? My X68000 has no HDD, just the two FDDs.


Hi K.H.

If you have no hard drive you will need to boot the machine using HumanOS floppy.
Actual use of Human OS is very much like MS DOS in case you ever used that.

To format a floppy disk, insert the blank disk into drive 1 and type "FORMAT B:" and then press enter. You will then be asked if you are sure you want to format the disk in the specified drive, to confirm just press enter again. Once the format has completed it will ask you if you want to format another, press "Y" if you do or "N" if you don't.

To copy from one floppy to another you can type "COPY A:*.* B:" that will copy all files in the root of floppy drive0 to floppy drive1. If you need to copy folders along with contents you need to use "COPYALL" instead of copy.

Hope this helps