REW versus APSS_REW?

Started by craiganderson, November 17, 2014, 08:34:03 AM

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probably an obvious answer
but not to me obviously

What does "APSS_REW" do as compared to plain old "REW"?
This is under the pull-down menu to load a tape (.tap file)

emulator = Xmil106RS v1.90 T-tune for WIN32
(for sharp x1)

thanks in advance


APSS is a Sharp invention and stands for Automatic Program Search System, it scans the tape for silent parts that are bigger than 4 seconds.
It's basically used for audio tapes in order to jump over the next/previous "track".

Example: Sharp GF-9500 with APSS
Sharp GF-9500 Ghetto Blaster Boombox With Detectable Speakers Full Logic APSS Cassette Player


awesome. thank you.

1) So APSSS_REW is NOT needed to rewind before playing a tape? just plain old REW should do the job?

2) Do  you know the guy/gal who put together the "NEO KOBE" rom download? If so, there was one game that was not listed as needing HUBasic CZ-8CB01 to load.....but that is the ONLY way I could get it to load. The game's name is Atama no Taisou.tap

3) I cannot get STAR STREAM to load no matter what I do. I even tried on MESS. Tried with HuBasic as well. No luck. If you have any suggestion or can get it to load, please let me know. ((I have EVERY other .tap game now on my hyperspin wheel. The module file loads the correct HuBasic/dbasic automatically (if needed), automatically TYPES LOAD, RUN etc and starts the game.....))

thanks in advance,

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Try to contact Kobushi, may he can help you.

The "Star Stream (PCG version?)" tape is loading on Takeda's "eX1turbo" emulator. It seems the tolerance range is a bit higher in this case compared the other ones.