Added SCART input on the side of PVM-2030

Started by MyCrtFellOnMe, June 15, 2014, 02:02:29 PM

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So the idea struck me the other day, "why don't I just add SCART input to my rgb monitor, then I wont have to play with adapters!".
So today I took on the task (and I have very little experience with soldering so it was a TASK haha!). Basically I lifted the contacts from the DB-25 on the pcb, routed the wires out a hole on the side of the innards and now I have working SCART! Need to get a drill still before I can mount the input on the side of the case, but this is my proof of concept and I'm really happy I did it :D

Here's some shots of the mess I made, I'll update when it's finished.

Anybody else ever add inputs on a pvm/bvm?


This is a brilliant idea. I have a 5 port SCARTswitch that I considered to be useless until I saw your post. If I can get my PVM-2030 working I will strip the male end of the connector and run the wires directly to the pin-outs on the 25pin dsub connector like you did.

Have you experienced any issues after having the mod for so long?