SNES Mini mod fail.

Started by emccalment, June 08, 2014, 04:59:22 AM

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I was hoping someone else had an idea of what kind of issue I'm running into right now. I tried to do the mod listed on retrorgb... which I never really understood. That didn't work out too well. It gave me video, but it was all very dark and red tinted, as well as a little bit off where it needed to be I believe. Well, I ran the 4 wires to see if that way worked. It did, but I now have random interference. The picture is fine... minus this crazy red horizontal line interference that keeps popping up. Any ideas on what my problem could be?

Side note I'm using some wire that I'm unfamiliar with. It says Wire Wrapping Wire, and is AWG30. It's extremely thin and only has one wire on the inside, instead of a bunch of tiny wires twisted together.


SNES Mini RGB Mod success!!! It took until I thought that for sure I had just fried the board that I took the amp out and looked harder at my PCB. The PCB I bought was wired in reverse from the one on the retrorgb write up. So, turned the chip around and it works like a charm. Zelda looks good. I mean REALLY good.


How's that megaview treating you now?