Fashioning your own Scart cables

Started by scarmullet, April 20, 2014, 07:26:29 AM

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After buying several SCART cables and being dissatisfied with them being cheap (ebay and play-asia) and really don't seem worth the hype, I am looking to fashion my own. one problem, where can I find the male scart connectors, the kind with screw on caps? Also, is Cat6 ethernet cable adequate? I bought a spool of it for a home network project where I ran ethernet cables through my wall instead of using a wireless network, and what's left has been sitting in storage for a couple years.

so what all do I need?


The male plugs should be available RadioShack/Jaycar/Malpins/whatever your country's electronics outlet is.

As for cable, I've had good luck using shielded multi-core data cable. The absolute best cable would be mini coax like what's used in VGA cables, but there's unlikely going to be a difference in a sensibly-sized run. I've used Cat5 UTP to build a YPbPr cable, but there was noticable ghosting.