PAL Mega Drive 1 RGB sync issue

Started by PluueeR, March 31, 2014, 04:58:42 AM

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Whenever I connect my PAL Mega Drive 1 through RGB there are vertical jagged lines visible. Research online let me believe it has something to do with composite video being used for sync instead of csync. This is true in the cable I have. I connected this specific wire to the csync pin, but no luck. Seems to be missing a couple of components on this pin.

I found this solution:

However I don't really feel like modding my consoles for some reason. Can this issue be solved with a LM1881 sync cleaner?



If I understand correctly. A 220uF cap on csync (use pin 7 instead of 3) is al I need to do?



This pic only shows the 220uF cap. I decided to try that first, et voila! Finally a good picture with my MD. Thanks again unshe. Again you've been of great help!

My local store gave me a "huge" only which won't fit inside a scart plug. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow to ask for a smaller one!

I hope that these cables also work with the xrgb mini which I intend to buy.