Fix s-video for PAL N64 NUS-CPU(P)-03-1

Started by Shadow_Zero, February 28, 2014, 08:26:12 AM

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As a follow-up from here I'm looking to try to fix the s-video of my Ice Blue NUS-CPU(P)-03-1 PAL N64 (NUP16823449).

As stated by Link83 at Bencheck (,
QuoteThanks to a little investigating by blaze3927 I found out that the NUS-CPU(P)-03-1 is not only missing SMD components for S-Video output, but that Nintendo deliberately connected the Luma and Chroma signal directly to ground, so this revision does not have any S-Video output as standard :( (Ninty must have been really cheap to want to save costs on four SMD components! :roll:) For anyone interested I have added a little info about this under the NUS-CPU(P)-03-1 section.
This revision uses the 'indented' heatsink like the NTSC NUS-CPU-09 revision. Some small differences noted between this revision and the NUS-CPU(P)-02. One key difference are missing SMD components for S-Video output, meaning this revision does not support S-Video as standard (Really cheap Ninty) The missing components can be seen on the NUS-CPU(P)-02 revision at locations DA7, DA8, C11 and C12 - these positions are no longer labelled on this revision. DA7 and DA8 are diode arrays used for ESD protection, and C11 and C12 are capacitors for EMI reduction. None of these components are strictly necessary for the S-Video output to work, but Nintendo also connected the Luma and Chroma signals directly to ground where C11/C12 used to be - this connection would need to be cut to restore S-Video output on this revision. This is probably the very last PAL revision.

NUS-CPU(P)-02 (with s-video):

NUS-CPU(P)-03-1 (no s-video):

Question: where exactly should I  cut the trace as Link83 suggests?


Looks like traces are still connected (NUS-CPU(P)-03-1 (no s-video)

What happend if you hook up a video cable to that motherboard? Nothing?
Just because a component is missing doesnt make it non working. For example:  If you remove the capacitor inside a gamecube composite cable and replace it with a bridge it will still work.


Yes, the traces for s-video are connected, but some components are missing. Though Link83 states that shouldn't matter for the s-video output. What matters is they connected the s-video traces to Ground, and you need to cut that to restore s-video on this N64 revision.
I just don't know yet where the connection to Ground exactly is (and where I should cut).

If I plug in a s-video cable now I get no video, just a black screen.



I cut the traces as indicated by the black x' here:

Unfortunately I still don't get video. So if anyone has any ideas on how to fix s-video on a NUS-CPUP-03-1 I'm all ears!



I had a look with a tech friend of mine. Turns out Link83 wasn't entirely correct in his judgement. The Y and C pins of the MAV-NUS encoder chip aren't connected to the board with the NUS-CPU(P)-03-1!!! The trail stops right in front of it. My friend connected it and also cut the trace properly (somehow C stayed connected with GND when I tried...). But all this still resulted in a black screen, so no s-video output at all. Next question would be, if the missing components are added, does that deliver s-video? Still, it seems strange to me I got totally nothing, while it's connected now. Not sure if I'll try to add the missing components (since I even still need that to work properly on the NUS-CPU(P)-01

I've uploaded some more photos of the NUS-CPU(P)-03-1:

This one is a nice zoom:
The insulation tapes indicate the Y and C trail. Measuring the pins of the MAV-NUS and the av-out indicates a connection, so it's properly soldered.

I'll upload some photos to the Nintendo64 wikia later on as well.


Got some highres shots from chrisehaase of the NUS-CPU(P)-02 and put them on the wiki:
Might compare them with the NUS-CPU(P)-03-1 some time!