A few questions re XE-1 ST2 and Human OS

Started by alamone, January 22, 2014, 12:43:20 PM

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Sorry to make a new thread for this, but just some quick questions to all you X68k experts.

First, when I want to exit a game, I've just been soft-rebooting or hard-rebooting,
is there a universal shortcut key to just exit back to Human OS? For that matter,
are manuals for Human OS available anywhere? It seems pretty similar to DOS but
I'm sure there's some differences that are worth noting, like the shortcut keys.

Second, I have a Micomsoft XE-1 ST2, but the directions seem to be a bit off.
It's as if the joystick movements are rapid fire direction taps.
Most noticeable for example, in Akumajo Dracula, when you select
which sound type to use, if I even lightly tap the down or up directions,
it scrolls immediately to the top or bottom selections.

On the other hand, on my 6-button genesis pad rewired for X68k,
you can press any direction for as long as you want and it only moves 1 menu item, like it should.

So is my stick defective or is there a way to fix this?


I don't think any retail games have an 'exit' key combo. AFAIK, HumanOS doesn't support anything like this. A game would have to be written explicitly to allow 'exiting'. CTRL+OPT.1+DEL is reboot, FWIW.


HumanOS is single-tasking with some cooperative multitasking abilities, so any universal way of forcing a running program to quit (without trashing memory so hard you'd want to restart anyway) is straight out. Most games were designed to boot straight off of floppy and as such any way of making them play nice on a hard drive system was an afterthought. At least the constant resetting is unlikely to do any real damage, as writes to the hard disk are a rare event.

The WHDLoad system on the Amiga uses a bunch of novel tricks to make non-quittable floppy-only games work perfectly in a hard disk environment, but duplicating that achievement on other platforms has not proven easy.