LaserActive S-Video mod: site pinout wrong?

Started by fandangos, November 15, 2013, 06:26:22 AM

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Hey there my friends.

I did the RGB mod on the LaserActive and it's working flawlessly! Now I went for S-Video for optimal LD playback and gameplay but I believe the pinout on the site is wrong or there's something really wrong here.

Since this is a simple mod I can't figure out the problem. I even checked if Y and C weren't inverted and they are fine.

Here's the picture of the points I soldered:

Purple is Y
Brown is GND (common to both)
Yellow is C

This is one of those times when the most simplistic mod goes wrong O.o


Where is the other wire going? Have you tried to attach the other ground wire like this?


Sorry for necro update, i've done this mod too for Ld playback, and it doesn't work. Check the wires and solder points, i see nothing wrong.

The rgb mod works great though^^'.


I've done a little independent research, which seems to indicate that the S-video mod on the Laseractive isn't universally applicable. That is to say, there might be a variant video encoder (like we had in the Genesis/Megadrive) which is missing that output. I don't have any proof yet, at least nothing that I'm confident posting.


Oh interesting, thanks.

This mod isn't really necessary in my case, but would have good for Ld playback though.


If people are still interested in this mod, I could look into the service manual for more info.  It should definitely be possible for all systems.