Non-RGB mod-able systems and RGB switch

Started by mhermann, October 05, 2013, 02:56:55 AM

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Hello all. New to the retro scene but have been bitten by the bug. I am in the process of figuring out how I am going to setup my retro stuff. I recently purchased a PVM-20M2MDU off of ebay and am awaiting my first modded console which is a RGB NES. I am planning on hooking up quite a few systems over the next year or two and would like to hook them all to the PVM with one Switch box to switch between systems. I have found a couple 16 input RGB switches that seem like they would work for this, but I will run into a problem with the Atari and Collecovision I want to hook up. Does anyone else have a mix of systems that they are using and only using one switch box?

ANy help would be appreciated.



You can't mod either the 2600 or CV for RGB so you can't really go that route. However, there are composite to RGB converters like the Kramer VM-19N, which can convert composite or S-video to RGB or VGA. I don't think it accepts more than one input though, so you may have to use a normal composite/S-video switchbox hooked up to the PVM's composite and S-vid inputs.


Extron's Crosspoint series of BNC matrix switches will handle all sorts of video simultaneously: RGBS, RGsB, RGBHV, YC, YPbPr etc. you just have to switch the correct signal type to the correct output (a TV with that connector plugged in, could be the same TV just different inputs for each signal type).

Highly recommend Extron Crosspoints instead of a SCART or other type of switch - they're going for really cheap on eBay, I bought a brand-new unused one for USD$80 recently - Ultra 12x8 with full audio.  It also amplifies and cleans up your sync signals too, and you can adjust audio volume per input to get them all balanced with each other.