NES/SNES Battery Holder Install Video

Started by nathan118, September 30, 2013, 09:29:23 AM

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Hey everybody. I'm not near as smart as most people on this forum, but happy that I have something to contribute! This isn't an original idea by any means, but the first good video of how to do it that I've seen.

How to install a battery holder in an NES or SNES cart that allows the cart to be closed without any modifications.

How to Install a Battery Holder in an SNES Game


Great job, thanks for sharing!  I had found a through hole coin holder on DigiKey with the required 18.5 lead spacing, but they didn't have any in stock, nor could I find this part anywhere else.  While the surface mount part takes a little prep work, it certainly does the trick, and has the correct spacing!


Yeah...this one works really good with the little modifications. Not an original idea of mine...but I hadn't seen any good instructional vids on it, so figured I might as well make one while I was putting a holder in.


Best SNES battery replacement guide ive ever seen! now i just need a soldering iron and a multi-meter and yeah....
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