New to PVM monitors/RGB and having a picture issue.

Started by ChronosWing, August 25, 2013, 03:22:52 PM

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Yes this is my first post, and yes it's to ask a question... I do plan on sticking around and contributing to this forum it is pretty awesome. I searched the forum and google till my eyes have bled and can't find someone with the same problem or mostly just not sure what the problem would be called...

Now on to my issue, so I purchased a Sony PVM 20N2U for $80 off craigslist about a month ago, ordered some SCART to RGB cables and finally got my SNES hooked up over SCART. The picture is damn amazing I'm blown away by it. Problem is at first the picture was off center which after 3 hours of googling and fiddling with the tv I fixed it. New problem is the top left of the screen seems bent in? Not sure how to describe, see pictures below. It's not really noticeable on most games but Super Mario RPG has the worst problem for some reason. Is there a setting that could be causing this or will I have to crack open this beast and fiddle with something? Keep in mind this Monitor has no knobs, all settings are done by on screen menus which is a pain...

Excuse the over saturated pics, only way I could get a shot otherwise the camera would completely black out everything around it.

First pic you'll notice it's not that bad, this is how most games look.

Second pic is the worst I've seen it, the text boxes in SMRPG bend inward a large amount.

Same pic without the over saturation, you might be able to see the bending better.


I realize this is a really old topic, but it's some good info to know how to deal with these issues. The fix is one of two things.
1. you can use magnetic strips to adjust some corner issues
2. disassemble the case and get a small flathead. there's many pots on the pcbs with labels on the board.

In this guy's case, looks like he needs to adjust keystone if it's available on his boards. Keystone is just trapezoidal adjustment. If the corners seem to pull in towards the center as well, you could also try adjusting 'pin' or 'pin cushion' as it's also referred to. But yeah, with very irregular warping around the edges you can adjust your raster of the screen so it overscans just a bit, or play with magnetic strips and degaussing rings which can be found on ebay.

Hope this helps somebody out there.


I have the same problem on my PVM-2950Q. I don't know if I really wanna fiddle around with such a huge machine, but it'd be really nice if i was able to fix it. It bothers me a little though, and the image always seems to sort of breathe depending on how bright it is.