Strange problem with the Euro currency sign

Started by micro, May 10, 2013, 01:56:40 AM

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I've got a problem with the Euro currency sign (Alt + 0128). I can't submit posts containing that symbol. Preview is working fine but submitting the post results in an error (saying I should contact the admin if the problem remains).

Also, in an old post by me which contained the euro symbol, the symbol got replaced by some strange characters about two weeks ago or so.

Yeah, first world problems, I know ::) But I felt the urge to report this quirk.


Fixed it.  The database was properly set to use UTF-8, but the forum had the English ISO-8859-1 language files installed.

Thanks for letting me know.  =D


u could also use AltGr+e, that's faster!  :P


US and NA-region keyboards don't have an Alt-Gr key by default, only two equiivalent Alt keys. So it doesn't show up on the default keymap either for us Yanks.