For Sale: 3 NEC XM29 MultiSync CRTs in the North East

Started by gcharlie84, April 23, 2013, 05:16:59 AM

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Hi all,
new to the forum but I was wondering if anyone would  be interested in buying some 29" MultiSync CRTs i ended up with not too long ago. I thought I was just purchasing 1 but apparently it was for a lot of 4.

I've been using one in particular but the other 3 boot up fine. I hear that the XM29plus model is suppose to be better but I havent had any problems with the XM29. On the RGB/VGA side it seems to handle any display resolution I throw at it. All of the Soft15khz resolutions seem to work just fine, even the 25khz and 31khz resolutions, but it also goes as high as 1024x768. There are also s-video and RCA hookups that work with ntsc pal and secam, so you can really hookup any system, but the best quality is going to come from the VGA and the RGBHV component hookups. Theres also a number of dipswitches  and serial port for controlling most settings, both of which are documented to great detail in the manual.

Now I'd like to get 100 bucks a piece ...the only problem is transportation. These things aren't huge, but they are heavy (about 150 pounds each), so shipping them would be a nightmare, so it would have to be local pick up only.

Anyway if anyone is interested and willing to make a trip to boston, please let me know.

In the mean time, tonight I'm planning on hooking up the one I have at my place and posting pictures of what these puppies are capable of.
I'll post pictures of the other three when I get a chance to ride out to their location.

PICTURES OF MONITORS 1 AND 2 ARE UP!! (pictures of 3 to come) ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing

Overall they are in pretty good shape, both are extremely dusty but nothing that a little cleaning session won't fix. Monitor 2 does have a few scratches along the sides. and monitor 3 just has a bad of paint on the top (probably removable with nail polish or something) I wasn't able to take pictures of 3 because the flash on the camera exhausted the battery (should have charged before heading out), but all 3 seem to be in working order (I'll try to do another run and capture photos of it this week).

Now for the bad news. It seems the controllers for all 3 of these have gone missing. The good news is that replacement controllers are available online. But the controllers are vital components so I've decided to drop the price of the monitors to 80 dollars.


Hey, I am a North Easterner (CT) and I am interested in on of your monitors. I've sent you a PM regarding the matter.



I am near Albany NY, do these sync down to 15khz natively?


Does anyone else know of anyone who has any XM29 monitors for sale?