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Started by lucid_dream, March 29, 2004, 07:54:11 AM

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Hi all, I know this probably seems like a dumb question but can anyone help me with wiring a MegaDrive II to a Scart socket?

I recently found an old MegaDrive II in my cupboard and thought it would be great for my kids (who cant handle a PSX controller yet, too many buttons). The only prob is I have no video cable for it.

I found the pinouts for the system on this site (thankyou) but I still have no idea how to connect those to a scart to make it work. I tried just connecting Red to Red In, Audio Mono to Audio Left (Mono), etc, but nothing comes on TV, do all RGB have to be grounded? Do I need the Sync and Comp Video aswell? What is +5V for?

Thanks in advance for your help.



I can't believe google didn't have this information.

I'm also surprised you're competant enough to know how to solder, but you don't know that all (all!) electric circuits need to be grounded; and that all grounds should be connected.  

As for sync, how do you think the video image is 'synchronized' to the video display?  

+5v drives devices like RF modulators, or fancy LED lightshows.  Some TVs require a positive voltage signal to know there's a signal present in the SCART port and they should auto-switch.


Thanks for the reply, I did actually do a search on google but this was only site with anything useful. I also know all circuits need to be grounded but what I meant was, I have seen diagrams of Scart connections while I have been looking for info and the Red In and Red Grnd seem tied together, as do all other colour signals seem tied to their respective ground. I was just confused as i thought grounding the actual colour signal would cancel it out (send it straight to ground)?

Basically I am a newbie and was kinda hoping for a wiring diagram, even if just an ascii one, to show EXACTLY which scart pins need connecting where.


Lawrence man you could have been a bit more POLITE the dude asked kindly and your forums are here for help, your not really n00b freindly are you!


It is very easy to do certain things, when you know how.

If you don't know how, it's really difficult.

But you might find that Lawrence is the sort of person who gets a little perturbed when questions are asked, in spite of the answers already being available. It really is as simple as he mentioned. Google works very, very well. Moreover, this site works even better for the questions he's routinely asked. I can't blame him for not wanting to hand-hold, when he has already written, collected, and made available the very things that so many people ask him for. More times than not, the question that is being asked is not fully understood by the asker--this makes the problem-solving effort even more difficult, and it's difficult on those who try to help solve things, because the only way to really fix it is to pull up a comfy chair, pack it in for the evening and educate yourself.

If he's testy on top of that, hey, it's his site.


Hi all, well, I managed to fix it in the end... lots of careful trial and error, but picture is all crappy (i think RGB need 75ohm resistors?), thanks anyway.



That would be correct. MD/Genesis(es?) have arcade level output thanks to their chroma encoder, which inadvertently amplifies the RGB signal (props to RARusk). 75ohm resistors bring the picture down to a useable level.


Nightmare: Don't make me take you to task for your appalling punctuation and misuse of the word "your".  ;)

Endymion explains it very well.  When the asker presents his question in such a way that it becomes clear he doesn't know exactly what he wants or what info he's looking for the amount of work required to solve the mystery goes up dramatically.  Note that I'm not talking about lucid specifically here, so no offense intended.

As for being rude, I don't think there's any way to ask "Have you done your research first?" without offending someone; re-reading my sentence doesn't seem to indicate anything I said that was actively rude.

If I wasn't here to help people I wouldn't have put together, and I wouldn't be answering posts on the forums.  My idea of helping people though is teaching them how to fish, not giving them handouts.  For that you'll have to visit the moronic wastelands of's tech forums where stupid questions are the rule, not the exception.