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2 meg ram

Started by sy35, February 12, 2013, 04:22:43 AM

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can any one tell me where i can find 2 meg ram out of a expert or as any one have one for sale. :)


Are you looking for a 2mb Ram card to fit in one of the IO slots?  What system are you needing the ram board for?



The system that i have is ACE i also have a SH-6BE-2/4M-1 (4MB) and a PIO-6834-1M - Memory expansion boards but i need to have 2 meg to run the SH-6BE-2/4M-1 (4MB). The PIO-6834-1M - Memory board is any 1 meg . not sure if there is a way of setting it all up to work. I have the system disk for the ACE and i have tried to do the switch.x and there is no way of setting the memory to 2meg or 4 meg like the  SH-6BE-2/4M-1 (4MB) is. hope this helps as this is all new to me thanks


If you have the PIO 6834 1mb board installed internally and the 4mb board installed in an IO slot, you should only have to run switch.x and change your memory size to 6mb. Remember there is 1mb ram built into the motherboard.  It wont auto detect, you need to tell it how much ram you have installed.  If your settings arent saving after you unplug the machine, you probably need to change the SRAM battery.



Can you explain to me how i do this as i have never done this before and i am not sure what or how to do this thanks. how can i tell it to see it has 6 meg of ram


Just install your 2 boards, boot human68k and run SWITCH.X :
- Press DOWN key to go to the MEMORY option
- Press ENTER and use UP and DOWN to set to 6144KB
- Press ENTER to validate
- Use DOWN to go to the last option (終了)
- Press ENTER and Y to validate