MD 2 Mod not working!!! HELP!!!

Started by Guest, March 26, 2004, 04:36:23 AM

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Just done the Megadrive 2 50/60hz mod thats shown here,

i did the first stage of just fitting the 50/60hz mod, and thought id try it out before doing the language mod!! I plug the MD back in and turned it on, the game loaded up in 50hz, i flicked the switch and nothing happened just stayed in 50hz!!! Does anybody know whys this is, ive followed the guide and done every thing it says!! please help!!  :(  


That guide has the mods round the wrong way.

If you did their 50/60Hz mod you actually did the country mod.

So you will now need to do their country mod (the easier one of the two) to do the 50/60Hz mod.