X68000 Visual Problem

Started by Broken, December 29, 2011, 02:44:10 AM

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Hi my X68000 was working ok, at least the last time I played it. Now though I get no visual on my monitor. My monitor is a IIYAMA Vision Master Pro 450.

I tested the monitor with a PC and it works ok. Initially I thought the problem was with my lead that I made up some time ago - the X68000 DB15 to VGA. I tested all the pins with a multimeter that makes a sound when there is a connection. This continuity test from the X68000 DB15 pins to VGA pins seemed ok.

Before the final tests I noticed pin 14 I think on the VGA end had become bent out of position. I straightened it back into position. The pin continuity tests were done after this and all seemed fine.

From this you'd think that the problem is with my X68000. Has anyone else experienced any of these types of problems?

The pin 14 above seemed a bit dodgy but was ok with the tests. Maybe it's just me not hoping it's the X68000. I was going to put the lead into the X68000 and then test the VGA pins but I would probably have to set the multimeter up differently for this.

Maybe it's the video card in the X68000 if that's right?

Anything or any help / info would be genuinely greatly appreciated.


Hi Hungkuen !

Could be many things without more investigations. Starting from PSU failure...

Here are some more tests you can do. Give the results to us :
- After waiting about 15 sec at power on, does it shutdown correctly when releasing the power switch ?
- Does it play music/sound when starting a game ?



Thanks a lot for the fast reply!

I since tried a game which seemed to load + play and the sound was ok on the game. Just no visual...

In terms of the power on stuff I think that's ok but I will try it again and post again if that's cool.

I was hoping the monitor was the problem as although mine is ok, some of my games were booting into unsupported resolutions when the monitor was displaying ok. I heard the XPC-4 scan converter is supposed to be good for this.


I think the power on stuff is ok. I turned it on at the back, pressed the power on at the front, left it for a bit and then pressed the power on again on the front and it seemed to power off ok.

I guess I could try to make up another lead although only the VGA end would have a change and even after all that the problem may still remain. I use a heavier duty step down for the power in the Uk.

Thanks a lot for all your help.


 Hi Hungkuen,

VGA pin 14 carries V-Sync signal. You will most likely won't have a picture if the signal from this pin does not reach your monitor. Try to replace the VGA socket on your adapter and see if it helps.

Best of luck !
X68000 personal computer is called, "X68K" or "no good good" is called, is the PC that are loved by many people today.


Thanks for the reply. I could replace the VGA end of my cable which is what you're saying I think.

What I could do is open up the monitor and test the pins there for continuity. However I'm not sure if I should do this. The monitor would have to be on during the continuity test and even if it didn't have to be I heard CRT monitors can hold their charge for some time even after being unplugged. I see the X68000 as being important but not enough to get electrocuted for....

My Gamegear has gone as well - similar to this, the sound is ok but the visual is horizontal lines across the screen and very little if any game screen footage. I guess either the LCD screen or caps are at fault or both...?

With retro games I've been reminded that things will go wrong being older. I just wasn't used to it and had forgotten.


 Don't put yourself in danger with an open monitor and try to replace the VGA socket at first. Did I understand correctly that when you connect your X68000 to your monitor, all you see are horizontal lines across the screen and very little if any game screen footage ? These symptoms suggest that there is no Sync signal and it corresponds with the damaged VGA adapters 14 pin which carries V-Sync. Don't give up hope because your X68000 might still be alive and well.

Best of luck !
X68000 personal computer is called, "X68K" or "no good good" is called, is the PC that are loved by many people today.


Thanks again dude, I'll try the VGA socket first and perhaps live a bit longer.

Nah the horizontal lines across the screen was to do with the Gamegear - sorry about that and the confusion, I was going to leave that out as well!

With the X68000 I get no visual at all.

I'll hopefully have a go with all this and post any results.