Sega Genesis Cartridge Port Extending.

Started by Waterbury, September 28, 2011, 05:26:00 PM

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I'm looking to possibly have the 32x and CDX connected together, but would ideally have both units side by side.

My goal is to have a cartridge that plugs into the CDX with some connectors on the back that I would connect to a cable that would run to a modified 32x to the right of it. I have considered either extending the cartridge port itself, or having the bottom portion of the 32x connect to the CDX, then have the ribbon cables that connect to the top part of the 32x extended.

My question is how feasible, and practical is this? Would SCSI cable work? How could I avoid EMI, and cross-talk? Would the thin guage wire in say SCSI cable be an issue? Anybody ever extended a cartridge port? I'm looking for insight.  :D


Technically speaking, both the Power Base Convertor and the Game Genie are cart slot extenders that use PCB traces rather than wiring. While a lot of modders like to use thing ribbon cables to extend a cart slot, this sort of modification essentially destroys the original hardware with a permanent change. If it were me, I would look into something like the Game Genie with a right-angle connector so that the original CDX slot and layout isn't compromised. Having your cart extender be a rigid, solid component would also make shielding less of a problem.


I was considering using a Game Genie. Mind you, I won't be modifying the CDX in no way, shape or form. The 32x though? Bah, it's a 32x.