FM Towns Car Marty - S-Video / Composite Mod - HELP PLEASE

Started by bogard85, September 14, 2011, 11:24:07 PM

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I hope someone here can help me... I have an FM Towns Car Marty that has been sitting for like 8 months. I never did anything with it since i never had the rare adapter that allows you to hook it up to a home tv. I finally started working on it yesterday.

I was able to tap into the signals from here

The left and right audio and composite work perfectly but the svideo does not... When i hook up the svideo all i see is a black screen with scrolling grey bars, I could see the picture sorta but its far from correct. I triple checked my wiring and everything looks correct. When i svideo modded my genesis 3 i had to add a resistor and capacitor to the chroma and luma lines.... Im wondering if i need to do something similar to boost the signal. Im just not sure what to do. I dont want to settle on composite only, so i figured i would turn to this community for some insight...

Thanks to anyone who even replies to this post...


I'd suggest building a circuit like the one you described, wouldn't hurt to try.