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PSX Digital Audio Mod?

Started by jamisonai, August 19, 2011, 03:41:25 AM

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I've heard people talk about this mod, but after some intensive googling and I find a schematic on how to do this?  Does anybody have one, or know how? 


it's appears to be possible, but why waste 10-20 hours on a mod when you can just buy a ps2 ( used price is possible the same as the parts cost for the ps1 digital audio mod) or use a ps3 to do the same job


because as odd as it is the psx with this mod still sounds better than the ps2 or ps3 even with hdmi on ps3 when playing cds or the same game.

thought the same thing myself back in the day

the modded psx sounds great the next system in line for the sound when playing audio cds  to me was a  xbox 1 using digital out,

some people say once the psx is modded it can compete with $2000+ equipment


i doubt a ps one or early ps1 schp1000 will sound better than a dedicated denon or marantz ( lets say cd6004 ) cd player at US$600.

nevertheless, this appears to be a darker than usual scph1000 ps1 looks quite nice with optical output


maybe the holy grail, supposedly suppases US$1000 cd players with legendry optical output mod, with programming capabiliites, to a collector, very desirable


It seems somebody came close to answering this question at that thread.  He figured it out with a different chip, one that is possibly applicable to the GCN as well.  The problem being that chip he used, the datasheet does not name the legs the same thing as the original Toshiba chip.  Without knowing what all of that means I have no idea what wires to go what legs on the new TI chip.  Too bad he never posted it to the Wiki.  He came close to solving the GCN s/pdif mod too. 


Its not too difficult to figure out when you have the datasheet for the chip used in the original mod and the chip you want to use.

While each company likes to call their pins different names, a quick look at the din description lists in each datasheet will get you a large step of the way to figuring out what should go where.  The next step is to translate the configuration pin settings from the one chip to the other.  Again the datasheets have tables in them that will make it easy.  The next step is to take into account any differences in input pin operation.  A good example is that on the TC9231N the EMPH pin is active high while on the DIT4096 it is active low.

Active low pins are usually shown as '/EMPH' or in the case of the DIT's datasheet like this:

Also I got away without needing the 7404 IC which in the original mod is used to invert the LRCLK (Left/Right clock or 'word' clock) signal and buffer (and most likely add a tiny bit of delay) the BCK (bit clock) signal.

I'm sorry I never got round to adding this to the wiki.  My day job contains a lot of explaining to people how to operate electrical goods, "How do I set my DVR? Why has my picture gone blank?  How do I turn my washing machine on?" and so on.  By the time I get home I'm pretty much explained out...  :D
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Ah thank you very much.  Ironically I was on ebay today and it seems a Chinese seller is selling the Toshiba chips very cheaply.