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50/60hz Mod for NES

Started by kazaazak, April 20, 2011, 02:31:25 AM

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Hi, I recently disabled my lock out chip in order to play Pal games on my NES.
Now the Pal game (Super Mario Bros) seems to be running a fair bit faster then it should.
I believe it is because of the different refresh rates
Is there any fix for this?


Hi!  :D

Super Mario Bros.  is one of the few games, that was actually modified to play at the correct speed wether the pal-copy is inserted into a pal machine or the ntsc cart is put into a NTSC Machine.

So, SMB is 20% faster than usual, 'cause you are using a PAL Copy on a NTSC Nes that  runs at 20% more speed.

If the game has not been optimised for PAL (like most of the games, but unlike SMB), most of the games run at their native speed on an  NTSC machine.

I dont know a working 50/60HZ Mods for the NES. And if there was one, it would likely include replacing the NTSC crystal/clock with a PAL crystal/clock  ... so, no: Never seen a 50/60hz-switch on a NES.


p.s.: Get an american copy of SMB.  ;D


Thanks man
I need to do some research before I jump into unlocking my N.E.S.
Thanks for the reply and yeah I think I just might


Almost no PAL games are PAL optimized, so they will run at the proper speed when used in an NTSC machine.

HOWEVER, many PAL games have PAL optimized music! That means the music will run too fast when used with an NTSC machine! Not a nice experience.

There is no solution to this.  :(